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Fundraising & Marketing
Training and Tools

for small to medium-sized nonprofits 


The Fundraising Shop is your resource hub for expertly crafted, budget-friendly DIY templates and tools tailored to fundraising, development, and board governance. Why start with a blank page when most of the work is already done for you?

Learn how to build your nonprofit's social media presence, raise gifts from individuals, and more at RAISE: The Fundraising School  Explore courses tailored to help you become a rock-star nonprofit marketer and fundraiser and make a meaningful impact.

Kim Olesker, Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation

I took her Major Gifts 101 and 102  and while fundraising organically for 30 years, the steps and rationale made all the difference! 
I used the steps in a meeting I had a week later and secured $25K commitment and additionally an endowed scholarship when that commitment ends."

Guide on donor stewardship.png

The Secret to Raising Lots of Funds

"The Guide on Donor Stewardship" goes beyond a mere how-to manual, offering a comprehensive resource that delves into all facets of donor stewardship. From understanding donor priorities and identifying who to thank to mastering impactful expressions of gratitude, Baldree provides essential tools and knowledge for cultivating lasting relationships with supporters. Learn to engage financial donors, first-time donors, in-kind donors, and volunteers, ensuring every contribution is acknowledged and valued.

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