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Consulting on-demand

Is there a problem you need to dig into and gain clarity about?


Do you need a helping hand so you can get back to making a big impact?


Book a consulting call with Alison.

Are you working for, or volunteering with, a nonprofit and need help raising funds for your mission?


Don't worry - I can help!


I am a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) with 12+ years of fundraising experience.

What people are saying.

Ryan M.

"Alison is an asset to those who are fortunate enough to collaborate with her. I know my experience has significantly improved because of Alison’s work. I’m confident any organization will benefit from Alison’s expertise."


"Alison was super helpful and this is exactly what I needed to put a direct mail pack together.


Excellent customer service and highly recommended!

Thank you."

How does this work?

Long-term projects aren't the only solution.

When you have a problem that needs to be fixed quickly or a project that you need to jump-start today, this is where you go to solve it.

What you need to do:
  • Book your session

  • Answer a questionnaire after so I can prepare for our call together

  • Schedule our call

What will our call look like?
  • I begin by listening: We will begin with an initial assessment so I can best understand your question, the problem we're trying to solve, or the solution/results you're seeking.

  • I will ask you intentional questions to better assess and understand your unique situation.

  • I will take notes throughout our conversation so you leave with an overview of the solutions we find.

What happens after our call?
  • I will draft an advisory document to guide you on how to maximize your fundraising efforts based on the discussion we had and your unique mission, resources, and needs.

When I partner with leaders and nonprofits, my reputation as a fundraiser and consultant is also at stake. That means I will only work with people that I know I can help.


If you are unsure of the type of support you need, email me at before purchasing.

Hello, I'm Alison Clare.

For 12+ years, I've been working with nonprofits to raise funds, solve problems, develop a culture of philanthropy, and reach a point of sustainable long-lasting funding.


This is my calling.


I have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the nonprofit world and I want to equip organizations like yours with the skills and tools you need to become successful. 

My consulting calls make me even more accessible to you: book a call when you need it without a discovery call, proposals, or contracts.

Calls with me are results-driven, custom, and intentionally targeted. During our call, we will drill down to the problem at hand and find the right solution for your organization.

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