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Hire Alison to build your nonprofit's donor stewardship program

This is a premium service and I offer a free 30-minute discovery call over the phone before you book.


Are you looking to grow giving to your organization? The key to unlocking funding is intentionally and strategically practicing gratitude with your current donors. When they feel the love from you, they'll be inspired to give more. 


Perhaps you already send out a thank you letter.  Or you do... some of the time. 


Your nonprofit's relationship with the people who are currently funding you and who have funded you in the past is critical to your mission's success, and crafting a strategic mission-centered stewardship program will make all the difference... if you want to raise more funds, you've got to take care of the people who are already giving.


This is where I come in. Over the years, I've helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars, engage their communities, and grow their missions. And gratitude is the secret ingredient. 


The deliverables for the service include:

  • A donor response plan that includes financial and in-kind donors

  • A new donor welcome plan

  • Strategic donor touch-points to easily send throughout the year

  • Branded content that is created in your organization's unique voice


Option 1 - Strategic: 

I will review previous fundraising campaign materials, results, and donor-giving history and develop a plan for this campaign. I will craft a campaign comprising social media, email, and direct mail pieces. 

Option 2 - Tactical:

In addition to Option 1, I will create and launch a social media campaign featuring your organization and those you serve. Additionally, I will create a stewardship plan to implement after campaign donations are received. 

Option 3 - Execution:

Options 1 & 2 PLUS: I will work w/ your team to develop them into perpetuating this work themselves.

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