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Fundraising Solutions

Gain a deeper understanding of why people give, strategies to help you raise more money, and a plan of action to build a sustainable, and ridiculously generous funding base.

Your First
90 Days

Are you a new Development Director or Executive Director who is new to fundraising? 

I've been there and have successfully built out new fund development departments for multiple organizations - resulting in year-over-year revenue increases. Which is why I am super excited to serve as your First 90 Days coach. 


During this three-month coaching experience, I will help you ensure success by helping you build a sound (and money-raising!) infrastructure for fund development. 


Donor Stewardship is the secret key to building a strong, sustainable, and ridiculously philanthropic funding base.

Basically, the secret key to raising lots of funds in gratitude. And there are intentional systematic processes you can build to help your donors feel the joy of giving - so much so that you'll begin to see them give MORE the next time they are asked. 

I love, love, love donor stewardship, and have used the power of gratitude to raise millions. Now, I'm offering my expertise to help nonprofits like yours raise more, too. 

Interested in how Alison Clare Philanthropy can help?

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