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Growing a Business on Etsy Helping Nonprofits

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

PhilanthropyBabe aka Alison runs the Etsy shop Nonprofit Fundraising where she sells templates and tools for nonprofit organizations.

She began her fundraising career early on in her life by raising funds for her high school fall festival. Since then, she has raised millions of dollars for mission-driven organizations throughout the U.S.

She founded Alison Clare Philanthropy in 2019 and then in 2022 her agency launched The Fundraising Shop and RAISE: The Fundraising School in 2023.

Alison Clare Philanthropy specializes in donor stewardship, mission-centered social media, and developing a culture of philanthropy. We chat about the types of clients Alison’s shop serves and what makes her especially qualified to offer the products she does. From flowing between work and business, PhilanthropyBabe Alison shares how running an Etsy has helped her day job and also how working has helped her Etsy shop thrive… It’s the best of both worlds. Listen to hear more about Alison’s journey on Etsy and what the future holds for her brand… Very exciting!

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