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Strategic planning doesn't have to be a long and drawn-out process. It simply needs to be intentional.


Your nonprofit will be led through a thoughtful assessment to align your goals with your organizational values & create a bold plan of action.

The AAA Strategic Planning Process with
Alison Clare Philanthropy


We start by listening.

  • Survey stakeholders

  • Evaluate past successes & challenges

  • Contemplate Future Goals 


We imagine collaboratively.

  • Design an interactive retreat

  • Estabilish priorities and vision

  • Empower team ownership


We start with intentional first steps.

  • Build out a plan

  • Create accountability structures

  • Transform your vision into a reality

While strategic planning is essential to the work of high-impact nonprofits, developing a dynamic performance plan can be difficult from the inside.

That is why I offer a process that helps nonprofit leaders realistically and objectively consider their organization's capacity, relevance, financial health, and mission efficacy.

Interested in how Alison Clare Philanthropy can help?

Curious about one of the top reasons strategic plans fail?
The right people weren't in the room. 

The process matters just as much, if not more, than the final strategic plan document. Therefore, the process is designed to help you succeed from day one.  

  1. I help you bring together your Board of Directors, staff, and key stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard.

  2. As a facilitator, I am an expert at helping groups navigate challenging conversations to achieve consensus.

  3. Planning retreats are high-energy, highly productive, and build community and enthusiasm.

  4. The final plans are exciting, yet SMART and attainable. 

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